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-Featured Artists-

Potent, while I didn't see much of her art, did a remarkable job with greating her image Welcome To THE HELL - My Lord. I featured it here cuz FIYAH.
Welcome To THE HELL - My Lord by Potentissimum

Hooly crap. Wow. Wildfire's WIP sketches from start to finish were posted in the OC folder and can I just... I want him. Yeah. Gimme.
Wildfire Colour Portrait by spiketail94

Featured her OC, Shatter, cuz the OC is just goooorgeous.
Shatter Ref by Demonic-PhyrPhlyRaptor mode by Demonic-PhyrPhly

I saw a lot of good art in the OC folder, but what stuck out to me? Moontowhee's beautiful half-shots.
Ravenwing by MoontowheeNea by MoontowheeNightmaremoon by Moontowhee

When I saw these two in her feautured art, I had to stop and pause. I thought this was a Predacon Knockout and Arcee, at first glance... But when I opened the picture and read the description? Well. I d'awwed. Literally. It's the artist and her fiance's OC. And. Even in roleplay, it looks like they're in love. :'D Good luck you two!

While I see many MANY beast OCs rising (especially Predacon ones), I couldn't help but stop to look at his OC, Lightning. While the name is rather original, the OC herself has a How To Train Your Dragon feel, and she looks like something that would DEFINATELY take to the skies with Predaking.
My OC Lightning by TFP-Starscream

Totec does more horse art then anything, but her style is gorgeous~ She takes sketchy art and makes it look good.
AT: Silvermoon, Fetch! Good Autobot... by TotecTripled

Can I just? This deviant makes the most adorable little adopts, and while his style is simple, and he usually uses linearts (whether his own or someone elses), I would love to cuddle every last one he makes. :'D
dash by twood5

Wow. That's what I have to say about this deviant's art. Just wow. She made four VERY well drawn and colored adopts, and, by Primus, that must have taken so much work! Makes my cheap adopts look like crap!
TFMP I - Colored Adoptables - Examples by ERA-7


Thankyou so much for bearing with me and my lack of updates! C: The Unsorted folder has been cleared out as well.

twood5 Please put your adopts into the Adoptables folder. Even though they were purchased, they are still adopts! C:
justinukute, I swear, I need to make you your own folder! You keep submitting so much art! :'D
Okay so I wanna try doing a Transformers rp but I want to do one with me using only my ocs, since I'm not good at being everyone else yet. It can be from any of the universes. I've seen most of them except for Beast Wars, working on that one. I prefer paragraph responses or at least more than two liners. I do  not do script, sorry...

My OCs are:
Nightprowler (autobot, triple changer and guardian of Crystal)
Crystal Larkwood (autobot ally, human)
Hazeblade (Decepticon, Warrior-class/spy)
Shimer (Dinobot, Autobot)
Slugger (Dinobot, Autobot)

If interested let me know, please

Guys, this Deviant has deactivated her account. I am afraid that this journal is no longer any good. :c
Hello All,

It's been a long time since I've been back here updating. I've been extremely busy with my college work all Summer, I took online courses and had work, so that's why I have been absent. So I would greatly like to thank :iconcherrystar5996: for basically taking over for me while I've been busy. She's been a huge help to the group, both in getting the galleries organized and keeping this group running.

Now that I'm back I hope to work with her more and keep everything going smoothly. I've noticed a huge increase in group activity, especially in our RP Chat rooms.
So now what I want to know is what you would all like for our contest to be. I want to do a holiday one. Would you all like a Thanksgiving themed contest OR A Holiday/Christmas contest? Comment below to let me know
Hey watchers, fans, etc. I'm writing here today on the hunt for new active forum Roleplayers for Transformers Universe MOBA game.

Since the game has went into Open Beta, we, the RP leaders and founders have noticed quite a drop in active RPers. So this is a call to my watchers, people in the groups I'm part of and anyone else. To please join up with the game/website (It's a free-to-play game!) and join us on the forums (you don't even have to play the game).

We are looking for good, well rounded RPers, experience welcome but not needed, both Autobots and Decepticons are welcome, and RPers that will follow the rules and do not godmod.
Currently the main RP storyline is Transformers Prime inspired and the story at the moment is Rebuilding Cybertron, with Autobots and Decepticons claiming and fighting over various cities and landmarks.

We 200% support OCs and we kinda support people RPing as official characters but they must be done professionally and to character (although characters like Optimus Prime, Unicron, etc are a huge no-no for new RPers in this call out as this became a problem for a while. Characters like Elita-One, Prowl etc are allowed as long as they follow the above rule).).
So come on, please help us keep the RP alive.

Thank you for reading.
Hey you guys I have a little contest for you transformer drawers out there  I want to see your styles so for this contest you will pick one of my ocs, there are five to choose from.

1.)Disturbia -…

2.)SpitFire -…




You can draw them doing whatever your sweet little hearts desire. Draw them alone, draw them with others. Some of them are lacking a full body, use your imagination and Of course there will be prizes!!


*100 points
*a request of what ever you desire.
*your entry will be my new icon (with your permission of course)
* a watch from me :3

*30 points
*small request
*a watch from me :3

*20 points
*watch from me :3

There are rules as well!


*one entry only
*The entry must be your own
*digital or pixel only
*must be entered on the deadline

There you go! Do well and have fun!! The deadline is:
August 10, 2014.
More Journal Entries


Hey there everyone! Welcome to the Transformers RP group! Our chat room >>>…
slash room >>>…

G1 Starscream :icondiedott:
Armada Starscream :iconmachinaechild:
TFA Waspinator :iconshadowthewerewolf:
TFA Blackarachnia :iconkitet-dromza:
TFA Megatron :iconxxmedi-viper-rosexx:
TFA Starscream :icondimondarefake:
TFP Soundwave :iconlyrajolt:
Movie Megatron :iconaztheausspaz:
Movie Starscream :iconressurectedkakuzu:
Movie Soundave :iconcaptainshockwave:
BW Quickstrike :iconcie-talvon:
TFP Shockwave :iconshockwave-prime45:
TFP Knockout :iconknockout-ko:

G1 Jazz :icondarkwhisperings:
G1 Greenlight :iconyuuriimpurity:
G1 Sideswipe :iconstarscream4ever:
G1 Wheeljack :icondrmario1992:
TFP Arcee :iconavoidthevoid:
TFP Ratchet :iconautobotcmo:
TFA Jazz :iconmisakichan1337:
TFA Prowl :iconsicprowl:
TFA Bumblebee :iconh-moss:
BW Prowl II :iconpokemon-eversole:
G1 Sunstorm: :icondoubledongs:
TFP Bumblebee :iconwolf12girl:
Wheelie (G1) :icondrako8045:

GROUP RP Humans:
TFA Sari :iconinkrose98:
Cassandra :iconwolf12girl:
Kicker (TF:Energon) :icondrako8045:

Juliet Velocity :iconlizcat14:
Diagon :iconlizcat14:
Malestrom :iconlizcat14:
Ai :icongingablossom:
MelRoe :icontransformermelroe1:
Dagger :iconcherrystar5996:
Len :iconmachinaechild:
Glitch :iconcie-talvon:
Carnage :iconcie-talvon:
Talon :iconstorm-blue:
Poseidon… :iconstorm-blue:
Warsong… :iconstorm-blue:
Solaris… :iconstorm-blue:
Synchronize shockwaves-sister.deviantart.c… :iconthe-hollster:




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